Web design prices

Some website companies start their pricing at $ 2.500 - $5,000. But not everyone can afford a $5,000 website. So I would like to provide you with a lower cost option.

This website design option includes everything you need to get online:

             Website design which incorporates your logo and theme

             Layout of website content for up to 10 web pages

             First year of website maintance included

             You own your website


Custom Designed Website - $600.00 and up.

For a custom designed website, I will start with a blank sheet of paper and in consultation with you, the client, I will create something  that will fit your needs and be unique to you, no templates. I will request that you send me your images, text, logo and any other information that you will want on your website.  

Price for 10 basic pages, including homepage - $600.00 ($300 before we start, $300 when site is published)

Price for each page beyond the first basic 10 pages - $20.00 per page

Monthly maintance/updating of website - $250.00 per year

Should more than once a month updates or website changes be required then extra charges will apply.

Includes everything you need to get online!